KDS, Air Canada team up

KDS is signing a direct connect agreement with Air Canada that gives users of KDS online solutions complete access to the full range of Air Canada’s innovative à la carte fare products and Flight Passes.

KDS will connect directly to Air Canada’s ac2u platform. This connectivity will be available to clients of KDS Corporate, the seamless online travel booking and expense solution for global corporations, and to companies using KDS Portal, a complete online solution for travel management companies and service providers.


Through KDS, travelers will be able to access the full range of Air Canada products, including the airline’s flight customization pricing model, which enables travelers to customize their chosen fare product by selecting options such as onboard café vouchers, seat selection and lounge access.  Travelers will also have the ability to book an Air Canada Flight Pass credit, view their Flight Pass list and check individual Flight Pass details, including remaining credit balances.



Starting January 2008, KDS will take greater advantage of Air Canada’s powerful ac2u platform to also offer the functionality of modifying Air Canada bookings, multi-segment trips and a Book on Hold facility for international flights.


“Continental Travel believes that no other online portal is as complete as KDS”, said Daryl Silver, president of Continental Travel Group, of his company’s experience of KDS. “It allows Canadian corporations to manage their travel with incredible flexibility and cost control.  KDS takes online booking to the next level by decisively responding to the needs of Canada’s unique corporate marketplace.  KDS understands the importance of Air Canada’s innovative airfare and product offerings and provides access to them in an easy to use environment at no additional cost.”


Yves Weisselberger, CEO of KDS, said, “We are delighted to address this strategic market with a uniquely powerful offering that includes Air Canada content, making KDS the natural online solution for North American business. Our advanced functionality unlocks the potential of online bookings, matching comprehensive content and pricing options with unrivalled convenience and flexibility. This solution offers the key to substantial efficiencies and cost savings for corporate customers and the travel agencies that manage them.”


Graham Wareham, General Manager Product Distribution at Air Canada, remarked, “We are pleased that KDS, with its growing business, will use ac2u to access the full range of Air Canada’s products, inventory and programs, including our increasingly popular Flight Passes. Forward-looking suppliers of corporate travel management solutions such as KDS realize that to best serve their customers they must provide the broadest product offerings in the most efficient way using modern technology. Air Canada has been working hard to create new distribution solutions and welcome KDS as a partner in our efforts, which will ultimately result in tremendous benefits for both corporate travel managers and their clients.”