NewOrleansOnline, iPerceptions join forces

iPerceptions and are forming a joint partnership. is a product of the New Orleans
Tourism Marketing Corporation.

  iPerceptions will be servicing with its
webValidator(R) Continuous Listening Solutions and its Proprietary
iPerceptions Satisfaction Index (iPSI). The program will capture the voice
of the potential tourist by soliciting actual feedback in the context of
his or her real online experiences. The responses will help the site’s
effectiveness and build loyalty among its visitors.

  “This partnership is a testament to iPerceptions’ continued momentum to
grow our presence in the travel and tourism industry,” says Richard Zeidel,
Vice President, Sales at iPerceptions. “Our goal is to help organizations
like with real experiences and feedback from real
customers so they can position their sites as indispensable trip planning
gateways,” adds Mr. Zeidel.

  Understanding website visitor traffic is more important than ever for
tourism sites, and especially critical for New Orleans, as the city
continues to dispel misconceptions about conditions two years after
Hurricane Katrina. The iPerceptions research adds another dimension to’s web analytics, and will drive actionable insights to
improve the visitor experience.

  “This partnership will provide us with rich behavioral and attitudinal
information about our web site visitors, allowing us to tailor our content
and design in direct response to actual needs and concerns,” said Sandra S.
Shilstone, President & CEO of New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation.
“When combined with our other research efforts, iPerceptions’ data will
give us a more complete picture of what travelers want and need in making
the decision to choose New Orleans as their next destination.”


  The iPerceptions Satisfaction Index (iPSI) is derived from satisfaction
and experience data obtained from over three million actual visitors, on
over 600 projects for Fortune 2000 websites, across ten verticals and
contains over 45 million data points. It is the only index of its kind and
is quickly becoming the standard for measuring online customer
satisfaction. The webValidator Continuous Listening solution captures the
voice of actual online customers in the context of an actual website visit
helping companies learn more about their customers with satisfaction
metrics that quickly turn learning into customer led decision-support.

  Using a perceptual framework to evaluate key elements of the visitor
experience as well as predictive algorithms and modeling to identify those
attributes that drive satisfaction, the resulting iPerceptions Satisfaction
Index (iPSI) helps companies obtain a clear understanding of the key issues
impacting satisfaction; purchase intent, transaction abandonment, customer
loyalty and the likelihood customers will refer friends and associates to
the site.

  “This project emphasizes iPerceptions’ commitment and support of New
Orleans’ rebirth and rebuilding, and in particular its rich and
internationally influenced cultural trademark,” says Jonathan Levitt, Vice
President, Marketing at iPerceptions.