Le Meridien relaunches Lemeridien.com

Le Méridien is launching the redesigned LeMeridien.com, a website created for guests interested in travelling to discover a new perspective in arts, music, fashion, design and cuisine.
The redesigned website offers a unique image-based navigation system, allowing guests to create a personalized interactive experience in those fields.

Since being purchased by Starwood Hotels and Resorts two years ago, Le Méridien has been committed to transforming the functional and transactional-driven hotel experience into a lifestyle one connecting with its guests emotionally. Designed as a global community for those who appreciate creativity, LeMeridien.com offers a discovery experience that starts with the guests.

Based on Le Méridien’s core values of Chic, Cultured, Discovery, the creative concept for the redesigned website is ‘Discovery Starts with You’. The aim of the website is to let its guests take an interactive journey into the world of Le Méridien by placing them in control of their own hotel guest experience. Right from the beginning, the website’s homepage is a three-dimensional space which allows customers to navigate through the world of Le Méridien by selecting images associated with Le Méridien hotels, LM100 members, brand initiatives, and special offers.

The site is not only visually engaging, but also offers a creative and original sound experience, crafted by French composer Henri Scars Struck, with more than 300 music and unique sound samples, which will play as customers navigate through LeMeridien.com. The sound collage will be mixed with background music that will change, depending on the time of day wherever the customer is located: 6am - 12pm Water / 12pm - 6pm Forest / 6pm - 12am Market / 12am - 6am Nature. This will combine with the sounds associated with the images on the home page to create an interactive sound experience utterly unique to the online environment.

One of the most unique aspects of the new LeMeridien.com is its ‘Destination Canvas’. This innovative concept is unique not only in the hospitality industry, but in the online environment overall.


The ‘Destination Canvas’ concept treats destinations like a white canvas for its guests. It offers a creative platform with a purpose that connects guests’ personal interests with Le Méridien hotels and destinations. It matches the experiences guests are seeking and recommends destinations based on what they create.  For customers looking for a trip that could include cuisine, arts, fashion, beach, spa, or golf, the ‘Destination Canvas’ allows guests to select visuals from an image library that depicts their desired experience and interests. Once guests make their selection, the images depicting their passion points are placed on a white canvas. After selecting the images, guests can adapt the size and position to signify the importance of the experience, LeMeridien.com provides destination recommendations that reflect the guests’ passions. Guests will be able to email their personal ‘Destination Canvas’ to friends and family.

LM100, a key strategic pillar of Le Méridien brand, is a community of cultural innovators that are recommended and selected by Jér™me Sans, Le Méridien’s Cultural Curator, from the fields of art, architecture, cuisine, design and fashion - Le Méridien’s passion points. The LM100 programme involves creative individuals curating original experiences for Le Méridien that show the established and the known from a different point of view. LM100 members will develop experiences for Le Méridien hotels worldwide by offering their creativity for Le Méridien projects and interactive initiatives, or proposing other established or emerging talents who reflect the brand’s core values.

With a creative navigation similar to the home page, the LM100 section of the new LeMeridien.com website offers guests an insight into the creative community behind the brand, and shines a light into their creative process of shaping Le Méridien hotel experience. Members of LM100, among them Andrea Illy and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, have been photographed by Ralph Gibson, a legendary American photographer and member of LM100. Upon clicking on the LM100 member photograph, guests will be taken inside Le Méridien’s creative community where they will gain access to LM100 members’ videos, gallery, and podcasts providing insights into our members’ perspectives on the creative process.