Czech charter boosted by foreign clients

Charter flights for foreign clients have grown to take a 40 percent share of Czech Airline’s charter business this year, Czech Airlines is very successful on the Irish market, for example, where it provides carriage to major Irish tour operators.  This winter, Czech Airlines will carry their clients to the seashore or ski resorts.  And, just like last year, pre-Christmas flights to beyond the Arctic Circle are planned for Irish tourists, primarily for families with children, to see Santa Claus.

In Finland, Czech Airlines’ Airbus A321 aircraft will land at the airport of Rovaniemi through December, on flights from Dublin, carrying Irish families with children, for tourist stays connected with a visit to Santa Claus.  The clients of Czech Airlines’ charter department in Ireland are top Irish tour operators, ranking among the TOP7 in the Irish market.

Aside from flights to Santa Claus, Czech Airlines will also carry the clients of Irish tour operators to the Canary Islands of Grand Canaria and Lanzarote, but also to ski resorts, such as Salzburg (the Austrian Alps), Verona (the Italian Alps), Geneva (the French Alps), Toulouse (the Pyrenees), and Sofia (the Rodops).

“Testimony to the fact that Czech Airlines has successfully established itself on the Irish market, in the three years of its operations there, is the increase in the number of flights planned.  This winter, for Irish tour operators, Czech Airlines will fly not only from Dublin, but also from Belfast, twelve times a week at the minimum,” said Vice-President for Sales Petr Řeh├ík.  That means a 300 percent year-on-year increase.  For flights from Irish airports, Czech Airlines deploys its largest aircraft, the Airbus A321, which can carry 212 passengers.