JAL expands biz class offering

JAL has expanded its new personal style of service in JAL Executive Class Seasons - the airline’s international business class - to more US routes and for the first time on Asia routes. On routes the new style of service is introduced, JAL cabin attendants will no longer use carts when serving meals. Instead each meal will be carried to passengers as it would be in a restaurant helping to create a quieter, more comfortable atmosphere and making it easier for passengers to relax.  To increase the level of customer care and attention on board, each passenger will also be looked after as much as possible by the same cabin attendant from the time of boarding to disembarkation. In the past more than one cabin attendant may have tended to the needs of an individual passenger.  Passengers will also be served soon after take off with a glass of champagne to welcome them onboard the flight.  JAL first introduced this new style of service on its Narita - Chicago on July 1 2007, followed by its Narita - New York routes on September 1 2007. From December 2007, it will also be available on the airline’s Tokyo - Los Angeles and San Francisco routes and Tokyo - New Delhi and Singapore routes.    This service improvement will gradually be introduced to all of JAL’s US routes (excluding Hawaii) and Asia routes.  In 2008, the improvements will also be introduced onto selected Europe routes.  Furthermore, passengers traveling business class on JAL’s daily flight between New Delhi and Tokyo from December 01 2007 can enjoy freshly cooked rice with their meal.  Uonuma Koshihikari, a premium rice from Niigata prefecture in Japan, is cooked prior to meal service using specially adapted microwave ovens fitted onboard the aircraft. Passengers can therefore enjoy eating the freshest,  tastiest bowl of steaming cooked rice served at 30,000 feet in the sky.  Normally rice served on aircraft is cooked prior to take off, cooled down and then reheated onboard.  JAL first started serving rice freshly cooked in-flight on its London and New York routes on December 1 st 2005. The service is now available on JAL flights serving Europe (excluding Italy) and the US (excluding Hawaii).