partners with CheapTickets has partnered
with and will be donating 15% of the
net proceeds received from all airfare, hotel and car rental bookings
performed on the site to multiple charities. This includes all revenue
received from, the first tool to aggregate the top 12 travel sites
now offers airfare, hotels, and car rental bookings through a partnership
with Unlike other travel sites which only search the
individual airline, hotel and car rental sites, provides
a tool where users can search all 12 travel sites at one time.

  Users of are urged to consider for
flight, hotel and car rental searches and search all 12 major travel and
hotel sites, instead of just searching one site. Also,
will donate 15% of all net proceeds received from and
other major travel sites to multiple charities.

  According to company spokesperson, Matt Richards, “If someone is
willing to use, Expedia, or any individual travel website,
why not use instead and search the top 12 travel sites
at the same time and donate 15% of any transactions performed to multiple
charities. This is a win-win for everyone.” and both recently announced that they
will donate 15% of their net proceeds to multiple charitable organizations
such as the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society and other
non-profit organizations. Users of online search engines, online travel
websites and online YellowPages websites are urged to use instead of going to the websites directly as this will
generate more revenue for the company and in result the company will donate
more to multiple charities. Users are able to recommend charities of their
choice to the company and vote on which charities should get a portion of
the 15% total donation by visiting


  Mr. Richards further states, “Our overall revenues are high while our
overhead remains fairly low. Our company and our larger sister company can
afford to donate some of the profits to benefit good causes. We can
comfortably give away 15-20% of our profits while still remaining very
profitable for our shareholders. Major corporations need to take the lead
in times of lower economic growth and slowdown; the YellowPages being one
of the most respected is no different.”