Egypt in health tourism focus

As part of its overall strategy to establish a Health Tourism sector, the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) announced that Egypt will host an International Conference on Health and Therapeutic Tourism in Cairo on the 11th of this month.

Mr. Amr El Ezabi, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist Authority (ETA) said “Egypt is an ideal destination for visitors interested in health tourism due to the wealth of the country’s natural resources. This sector is very promising on all fronts for the visitors and investors alike with many opportunities and locations to explore.” On the conference, he added “I am optimistic that the conference will be an excellent platform for sharing experiences and an opportunity to pave the way for the rapid development of this sector in Egypt.”

The conference will be attended by leading international experts who will share best practices from other countries in the field of health and therapeutic tourism. It will highlight the importance of this sector for Egypt’s tourism industry and raise awareness among government officials, investors and key stakeholders on how to grow this newly emerging sector. 

The development of Health Tourism in Egypt was initiated through cooperation between the Ministry of International Cooperation and The Office of the European Commissioner in Egypt who would extend technical assistance in support of establishing this sector in Egypt.

The Egyptian Tourism Authority submitted its final strategy report containing a marketing and feasibility study with recommendations on how this sector can flourish and develop in Egypt.


The strategy also includes a section on developing services and human resources which is an overall priority for Egypt’s Tourism authorities not only in the health tourism sector but on all other fronts. The plan was submitted by the ETA last November and highlights a 10 year strategy with locations to be developed as part of this emerging sector.