Tipped.co.uk rolls out collections feature

The social networking, review and search service, Tipped.co.uk, has released a new significant feature called Collections. Tipped Collections are designed to make discovering the best places even easier than before. The feature lets users compile their own customisable lists of favourite places, businesses and services in the UK, from any category, theme or location. Not only can users build their own collections, but Tipped has also created its own top ten of the most universally useful lists - from ‘Best Breakfast’ and ‘Best for Smoking’ to ‘Best Loos’!

“Consumers today aren’t short of information, whether that’s Facebook’s News Feed or Google’s list of 17,000 pubs in London,” commented Joel Brazil of Tipped. “However with so much information, it’s hard to know what to trust anymore. The beauty of Tipped Collections is that they tap into the collective opinions of the entire Tipped community to surface the very best places, in one easy-to-use, cool feature,” he added.

Once a user has created a Collection, it’s shared with the Tipped community to view and vote on its usefulness. And users can easily create their own personalised collections page using the cool drag and drop functionality.

Offering a powerful mix of local search, customer reviews and social networking, Tipped is ultra user-friendly and available via PC and mobile. Launched in September 2007 Tipped covers all manner of businesses from solicitors to pubs, across the whole of the UK.

Joel added: “Everything about Tipped has been developed from the ground up with the user experience in mind. We pride ourselves on building innovative, useful and easy to use functionality designed to help people make better decisions about local places.