National extends operating hours

In a further demonstration of its commitment to the corporate and fleet sector, National Car Rental has created an ‘out of hours’ database providing immediate confirmation of vehicle availability for business rentals required outside normal branch opening hours.

With the increase in flexi-working and growing ‘24/7’ society, demand for rental vehicles ‘out of hours’ to get staff on the road in safety and comfort, is becoming more commonplace.

For the past 10 years, National has provided a 24 hour service from two airport branches and 106 Call Out branches.  The Call Out branches are ready to be opened within just 1 hour of a request.  However, this service relied on the Call Out branches confirming their vehicle availability to National’s Contact Centre by ‘phone or email each evening.

National’s new database provides a quick and simple solution for the branches to advise which vehicles are available for Call Out each evening.  The database is updated throughout the night by homeworkers and the Contact Centre as vehicles are reserved and collected.  Crucially it ensures that when a driver or booker calls to make a reservation for a car that’s needed outside of normal branch hours, they receive immediate confirmation based on real-time fleet availability.

Ron Santiago, Operations Director for National Car Rental says:  “We’re always looking at ways we can improve our service and the provision of vehicles beyond the usual branch hours is vital.  Now, with our new ‘out of hours’ database we can provide immediate confirmation of vehicle availability and accurately monitor vehicle usage to ensure that the right number of vehicles are available in the right places. The database also provides a full audit trail so that we can constantly monitor our service levels in this area.


“This is just another example of how National constantly strives to enhance service levels, anticipating the demands on our customers so that we can be there to support them - night or day.”