New Yorker Hotel debuts online ad campaign

As part of its major revitalization effort, the New Yorker Hotel, located in the heart of New York City, has launched a new online advertising campaign themed “Live Like a New Yorker.”

The ad campaign launched Nov. 12, 2007 and will run until Feb. 3, 2008 on the following sites:, Yahoo! Travel, Business Travel News Online, and the Travel Ad Network.  The ads will also be on Yahoo! Search and Google Search.

Centered around the idea of a traveler’s experience “after one night’s stay” at the New Yorker Hotel, the new online ads present a creative and humorous play on what it means to be in a place as dynamic and one-of-a-kind as New York City.

Each ad is an animated banner embedded in the screen (not a pop-up) with an art-deco-inspired look, as a nod to the $65 million renovation currently taking place at the New Yorker Hotel.  Between one and three ads will appear on screen at a time. 

“This new ad campaign embodies a modern edge and style that makes it a perfect match to the massive renovation and transformation taking place at the New Yorker,” said Thomas McCaffrey, director of sales and marketing for the New Yorker Hotel.


“We decided to initially launch the ads through an online campaign in order to take advantage of the power of marketing on the Internet,” McCaffrey added.  “As the remodeling of the hotel moves forward, we will look into expanding our advertising to include print and other components,” he noted.

“The New Yorker is using the latest, cutting-edge Internet targeting tools, plus outstanding leading-edge creativity, to cut through the clutter and reach its best prospects with minimal waste,” said Allen I. Milman, senior vice president, business development, DentsuNext.  “Going online to tell its best prospects about the renovations and system upgrades underway at the New Yorker is an efficient and effective way to re-brand this historic hotel,” he added.