WAYN unveils carbon offset scheme

Backpackers will soon be able to do their bit to save the planet while traveling - by offsetting their carbon footprint before they go with a system set up by WAYN.comTen million members will be able to log on, calculate the size of their footprint and offset it before they fly. The money will be used to fund the re-planting of native broad leaved trees in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya to support verified carbon reduction projects around the world.

In addition, WAYN.com will donate another 5% of all member offsetting to a WAYN fund which will sponsor specific regeneration projects.


WAYN.com - which joined forces with CarbonFootprint.com to launch the initiative - is the first social networking site to offer such a service. It will be up and running by the end of the year.



Jerome Touze, CEO and co-founder of WAYN.com, said: ‘‘We’re aware that many of our members care strongly about the environment. Whether they do travel or hope to travel, they are interested in their world and the global issues which affect it. We run a number of global campaigns through the WAYN Club, but offering this carbon offsetting tool for our members is something we are really excited about because it is so relevant to the planning stage of a trip. Being responsible for such a large community, we feel we should be at the forefront of ensuring we make it easy for members to make their contributions simply and at a point where they are engaged with the trip planning process.’‘


‘‘We picked Carbon Footprint as their research and knowledge was so strong plus they have worked with both government and corporate partners and are a leading carbon reduction & Carbon offset provider with worldwide recognition and the web’s leading free carbon footprint calculator.’‘


John Buckley, Managing Director of Carbon Footprint added: ‘‘Climate change can only be tackled if each and every one of us reduces our impact. Having access to such a huge global network means we could have a substantial environmental effect by partnering with WAYN.com. If people really want to make a difference and take the small steps required to Carbon neutralise we’re now making the process relevant and easy to do so.’‘