Czech defends punctuality ranking

Czech Airlines is the most on-schedule carrier among the 26 traditional air carriers that are members of the Association of European Airlines. According to data for the first three quarters of the year, the company has once again been rated the most on-schedule carrier on European routes. During the first half of the year, Czech Airlines completed nearly 56,000 flights on its regular routes departing from Prague and airports in other countries. 

“The punctuality of our flights is one of the key factors looked at by passengers. Especially for business passengers is the schedule of departure and arrival times one of the key criteria used when selecting a carrier,” said Jan Jan’k, the airline’s vice president for flight operations. The company has therefore been continuing to focus on the punctuality of its flights as one of its key operational objectives. While in 2003 Czech Airlines was ranked in roughly 20th place on AEA’s flight punctuality chart, in 2004 and 2005, the airline was able to move up to 6th place. Last year, it moved into 2nd position. For the first half of this year and now also for the third quarter, Czech Airlines has been Europe’s leader when it comes to being able to fly on schedule.

The airline itself has only a limited degree of control over a delay and it can speed things up by, for example, expediting the process of preparing an aircraft for its next flight after a late arrival. The most frequent causes of flight delays are the overcrowding of the European airspace and the limited capacity of passenger security screening facilities at airports. Bad weather is also a frequent cause of flight delays. Technical problems with the Czech Airlines’ fleet have only a negligible overall impact on delayed flights.