P&O strengthens online marketing

P&O Ferries is strengthening its marketing campaigns for key European routes with the appointment of NetNames, the UK’s leading domain name management specialist, to advise the ferry operator on domain name strategy and to protect its brand online.

With online bookings a key aspect of its business, P&O Ferries has developed a substantial domain name portfolio, including its main website, www.poferries.com and campaign specific domains such as www.sailtospain.co.uk, which are used to drive traffic and measure response to specific marketing campaigns, or to drive more traffic to the home page when campaigns are not running.  P&O Ferries’ growing domain name portfolio is managed by NetNames Platinum Service, which advises a third of the FTSE 100 companies on domain name strategy.

Andrew Reeves, Chief Information Officer at P&O Ferries commented, “As we continue to grow our online business, domain names are becoming a key part of our marketing strategy.  It is imperative that we have a proactive solution to centralise our domain names as a strategic marketing tool and protect our brand from online threats.  In an increasingly competitive market place, working with NetNames gives us a greater level of administrative control and the necessary support to help secure our brand online.”


NetNames provides P&O Ferries with a centralised service, managing its portfolio and keeping it abreast of domain industry issues and developments.  In addition, NetNames Platinum Service automatically renews all of P&O Ferries’ domains as it is critical in a thriving online business that domains are not allowed to lapse.  P&O Ferries also works with a dedicated NetNames senior account manager to proactively manage the domain name portfolio and assist the company in the implementation of their comprehensive domain name strategy at the core of online marketing.



Jonathan Robinson, Chief Operating Officer for NetNames commented, “The online travel market is increasingly competitive and large organisations like P&O Ferries realise the importance of using domain names strategically as a key part of their online marketing and to protect their online brand.  By taking advantage of the Platinum Service P&O Ferries will be able to consolidate its substantial domain name portfolio, securing it and helping facilitate future online growth.”