Portugal & Spain team up on travel guide

The tourist offices of Portugal and Spain are launching an online travel guide to the Iberian Peninsula that will serve as a tool to educate consumers interested in traveling to both destinations, along with the most competitive travels deals.

Intended to increase awareness about Portugal and Spain, www.PortugalSpainBoth.com features an interactive game called “Exploria”—created to provide a fun interactive experience while learning about Portugal and Spain. The virtual journey game (available for a limited time) allows consumers to test their knowledge about both countries, and offers participants the opportunity to win “The Ultimate Vacation Experience to Portugal and Spain.”

“This new site provides a truly engaging experience and is a major step in how we market the two destinations to the world,” Javier Pinanes, Director of Tourist Office of Spain. “We are extremely delighted in the launch of Portugal Spain Both. What better way than to offer consumers the chance to learn and test their knowledge about the two destinations that share the Iberian Peninsula, all in one resource.”

Also serving as a comprehensive guide with destination highlights on what to see and do in both countries, the Portugal? Spain? Both. site promotes arts and culture, wine and cuisine, beaches and spas, sports and golf information, special events and direct links to tourism partners.

“We know consumers are interested in Portugal and Spain—two unique destinations that boast numerous cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes and varied cuisine,” said Eduardo Souto Moura, Managing Director of Portuguese National Tourism Office. “With the new site, we also now have an innovative way to educate and entertain them, with the most comprehensive information, the best travel deals and an interactive tourism experience.”