Spa Resources joins Oz event

Over the past decade, Spa Resources International have been the prime players in the region’s rapidly evolving reputation as a preferred health and wellness destination, where residents and visitors alike can experience a unique brand of spa therapies and wellness programmes.
They have set standards that are hard to match through innovative programmes, a unique approach to health and wellness and a distinctive style that is often imitated but seldom matched. Headed by Daniella Russell, the Director of Wafi Health & Leisure Group Dubai, one of the pioneers of the spa industry in the Middle East, and assisted by a team of hand-picked professionals from across the globe, Spa Resources International is well on track to being recognised as the industry leader in the region’s health and wellness market.
Earlier this year, on the 11th and 12th of August, Daniella Russell and Spa Resources International formed an integral part of The Sydney International Beauty Expo 2007, the longest running beauty event of its kind in Australia. Firmly established as the ideal business-to-business platform for the beauty, health and wellness industry, the exhibition brought together a majority of the biggest spa brands, suppliers and buyers from across the world under one roof. Daniella Russell, with over 28 years of industry experience behind her, explained the Spa Resources International success story to the world, showcasing how the group’s highly successful business model worked in a market that was completely unfamiliar with the very concept of day spas and wellness just a short while ago. 
The Spa Resources International success story is filled with instances of innovation and foresight. What began as a novel, yet ambitious idea more than a decade ago with the opening of Cleopatra’s Spa in Dubai has now developed into a full-fledged enterprise that caters to the entire gamut of the wellness industry. With an unmistakable touch of uniqueness and exclusivity in all their offerings, Spa Resources International has managed to carve a niche for itself in a market that is currently booming with opportunity and competition. The visionary leadership of the UAE in particular and the Middle East in general, have seen these tiny oil-rich emirates transform into hugely popular places to live, work and holiday. With one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, a high level of disposable income and a trend-savvy population that is in sync with the fashion and style capitals of the world, the UAE today has the perfect platform for the health and wellness industry to grow to its maximum potential.
Much of the credit for the current popularity and demand for health and wellness in the region can be attributed to Spa Resources International. Being flexible, remaining vigilant to change and a strong ability to adapt have been hallmarks of the Spa Resources International Dubai’s success story, and these factors continue to influence the direction they take to this day. In her closing address to the members of Australian Spa Association (ASPA), Daniella Russell touched upon what makes a successful organization. Speaking from nearly three decades of experience that saw her progress from a qualified therapist in the UK to heading the beacon of the region’s wellness industry, she stressed on the importance of staff motivation and leadership in an organization of this nature, and what it takes to keep a good thing going. 
In this industry, an organization’s true success doesn’t lie in its balance sheets, but in the number of people’s lives it has enhanced. And going by that parameter, Spa Resources International ever-growing clientele is a definite indicator that their vision for a healthier and happier Middle East is on the right track.