Golden Triangle to host yoga retreats

Anantara Resort Golden Triangle, the luxurious hilltop retreat in northern Thailand overlooking the Mekong river, will be the spectacular setting for two ultimate Luxury Yoga Spa Retreats to be held in May 2008.
These three and five-day retreats by internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Mark O’Brien are typical of the inspiration at the core of the Anantara philosophy: to offer extraordinary destination experiences that delight the senses, restore the spirit and rejuvenate the body.

The pristine and peaceful environment of the area is itself a tonic, an oasis of tranquility that that lies at the crossroads of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Yoga and meditation classes will take place at specially selected locations chosen in and around the resort for their ability to inspire, renew and restore.  These will include a hilltop overlooking the lush valleys of the Golden Triangle, the grounds of a nearby 700-year-old ‘chedi’ (a bell-shaped relic shrine) and the garden of the resort.

These unique Luxury Yoga Spa Retreats offer an unrivaled opportunity to boost well-being by combining the benefits of yoga - improved balance, posture, strength, flexibility and relaxed concentration - with meditation, indulgent daily spa treatments and scrumptious, healthy cuisine.  Throw in the sumptuous accommodation and famed pampering service provided by Anantara Resort Golden Triangle, and participants will find themselves in a modern-day nirvana. Ultimately, the kind of escape that will give you a fresh perspective and new lease on life, in a world far removed from fast-paced city living.