Sabban Investments in environmental drive

Sabban Property Investments (SPI) has announced on the sidelines of ‘Estate Qatar 2007’ its commitment to further invest into environment-focused campaigns in a bid to enhance its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. SPI aims to maintain its position of leadership as an eco-friendly and socially-conscious developer by showcasing the QR 1 billion Sabban Towers, which is set to become the first carbon neutral development in the region upon completion in the second quarter of 2008. The leading developer’s participation at the event, which is to run from November 26 - 27, 2007 at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Doha, is in line with its aim to establish ties with select industry players, the public, key stakeholders and relevant government bodies.

As a gold sponsor of the event, SPI will be active on one of the few stands within the venue and will disseminate information regarding its current and future developments, especially its environmental conservation programs. SPI will also highlight its recent completion of the superstructure on the Sabban Towers, which is on track for delivery by the second quarter of 2008. In addition, the developer will discuss how it has reduced its carbon emissions by 14.4 per cent by implementing value-added engineering processes in the construction of its maiden project.

“As a leading developer in Qatar with clear directives towards the pressing issues of combating environmental depletion, we believe that Estate Qatar is an important platform to raise awareness for our CSR initiatives and persuade relevant organisations to advance a consolidated effort to launch more eco-friendly programs. Our keenness to communicate the need for deeper involvement in environmental conservation is geared towards our aim to influence the general public to adopt practices, which will contribute to the sustainability of projects involving environmental conservation within the Middle East region,” said John Browne MBE, Managing Director, Sabban Property Investments.

In line with SPI’s decision to achieve carbon neutral status of the Sabban Towers, the developer had recently announced the first phase of carbon offset projects in Uganda, New Zealand and Jamaica, which is set to neutralize 25 per cent of the carbon emissions from the construction of the Sabban Towers. SPI will also be announcing the second phase of carbon offsetting projects within the next few months. In addition, the company is looking into establishing ties with known environmental proponents in the region to further strengthen its initiatives and expand the range of its programs to include other environmental issues.

“As an emerging leader in the real estate arena, we are aiming to establish SPI as a serious and competitive investor with a mixed portfolio of prestigious developments. Maintaining a highly transparent relationship with our customers is one of our most important core values, which has earned us an undisputed reputation throughout the region as a reliable and trusted developer. In addition to providing our customers with high quality business and lifestyle-oriented projects, we include results-driven CSR initiatives that aim to protect and conserve our natural resources among our top priorities,” concluded Browne.