adds rich media content

Leonardo Media has signed a distribution agreement with AG - parent company to TravelRes in the UK.

Under the agreement, Leonardo will provide with a customized delivery of static image content for more than 65,000 hotels.


David Elton, Leonardo chief executive officer, welcomed as a distribution partner.  Commenting on the agreement, he said, “Visual content is now crucial for online hotel distribution and by broadening our network and range of Web-based channels, and including a major partner like, Leonardo ensures that the hotel companies it serves - over 155 top global hospitality Brands are reaching the most consumers possible with high quality visual representation - all of which ensures growth in bookings and revenue.”



Reinhard Wick, Chief Sales Officer of AG is pleased with this co-operation: “With Leonardo we managed to acquire one of the most renowned suppliers for high-quality digital content in the travel industry. Naturally our customers expect meaningful pictures when selecting a hotel. By directly accessing Leonardo’s central database, we are now in the position to meet this desire even better. The interface to Leonardo means a considerable added value to us as well as to our booking customers. “