ExecuJet inks carbon offset deal

ExecuJet Aviation Group has formed a partnership with the non-profit environmental foundation, myclimate, in order to offer its charter customers worldwide the opportunity to fly ‘virtually’ carbon neutral. It is the first private jet charter company to align with myclimate.

By purchasing a myclimate ticket ExecuJet customers, flying primarily Bombardier Business Jets, including the long range Global Express, will be able to ‘virtually’ offset the climate relevant emissions generated by a journey through investing in a climate protection project and play an active role in preserving the environment.

Each journey’s offset price will be determined by myclimate, taking into account the climate relevant emissions generated per hour flown, and costs of offsetting a ton of CO2 in a carbon offset project. All projects help reduce emissions by promoting renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. For example, in India, biomass, i.e. agricultural waste is used to produce energy. In another project in Indonesia, a hydropower station is being renovated in order to increase the output.

A myclimate example - a Bombardier Global Express burns 532 US-Gallons per flight hour. 532 x 0.458 = EUR 243.65 needs to be paid per flight hour to ‘virtually’ offset the produced amount of CO2. If the total flight time is 10 hours, EUR 243.65 x 10 = EUR 2,436 would be the total amount to be paid to receive a climate neutral ticket.

Headquartered in Zurich, ExecuJet’s decision to join myclimate, who already partners with leading international air carriers such as Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa, was based on myclimate’s international reputation for high project standards as a provider of voluntary carbon offsetting measures. It has been rated as one of the top four providers of carbon offsetting programmes for air travel by the Tufts Climate Initiative conducted by Tufts University in the USA. As a non-profit organisation, maximum income is diverted to carbon offsetting projects.


“We are glad to cooperate with ExecuJet as we think it is important that everybody contributes to climate protection wherever it is possible. Together with ExecuJet we have implemented a very pragmatic system for their customers to offset emissions. We guarantee that the money is invested into high quality carbon offset projects that lead to a measurable and sustainable reduction of emissions,” said Kathrin Dellantonio, spokesperson from myclimate.