International Rail targets backpackers

International Rail are teaming up with to grow market share of
the highly lucrative Australian, Canadian and US backpacker transport
sector. By providing with a powerful global rail search
engine, delivers global rail offerings direct to
the independent long haul traveler. 

Tom Griffiths founder of said “Rail has unfortunately always
been the ‘also ran’ in the independent travel market, coming a very poor
third as a travel option in-country to travel by coach and car. Budget
independent travellers with time on their hands find the coach passes
incredibly useful and amazing value for money. Car and campervan trips
are considered an adventure. With the growth of low-cost airlines, in
particular in key backpacker destinations such as Australia and Canada,
travel by train has fallen even further off the radar and is rarely
considered, except by a romantic few excited by the prospect of a ‘great
train journey’”.

“The rail industry, to be honest, has also been a pain to work with! A
fragmented offering with a lack of quality rail passes aimed at this
market through multiple brands, sites and partnerships, we have found it
impossible until now to deliver a clean, consistent offering to our
users. However, International Rail, with their global offering have
breathed new life into the rail sector by enabling sites like to place the rail passes neatly alongside their coach, car
and plane rivals, finally making it an option which can be considered by
all. With the resurgence in popularity for European adventures using the
Inter-rail pass and a preference by independent travellers to take a
train over a bus for long journeys, we expect to see substantial demand
for their passes and point to point. For backpackers wanting to save the
planet? Well, it also gets the green thumbs up!”

Omid Golshan, Vice President of eCommerce at International Rail
comments, “The long haul, independent travel market is an extremely
important target market for us - we are very excited by the potential of
working with Not only do they have a great brand with a
decade of experience, but they also unlock an untapped market for us of
independent travellers aged 18 to 75. Put simply, those who travel long
distances for long periods need access to efficient affordable rail
transport and flexible passes. These are exactly the people who make up
the community”.

“Rail has always been the transportation of choice for independent
travelers and with more flexible InterRail passes and even the chance to
upgrade to first class, we are looking to significantly grow the older
market with online rail pass booking capability on As the new platform rolls out
delivering new rail product to the older markets we will be working
closely together to ensure that rail travel is on their radar.”