Travelport makes management changes

Travelport GDS has announced a new Commercial management team and organizational structure designed to align business operations with customer markets. Led by Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Mooney, the Travelport GDS commercial organization is responsible for the sales, marketing, support and operations of all traditional and online agency customers and supplier relationships, including Airline IT services.

“We have made changes to our organization structure to get closer to and better serve our customers,” said Kevin Mooney, chief commercial officer, Travelport GDS. “The changes reflect how our customers have told us they prefer to engage with us and will allow for greater investment and innovation in solutions, services, technology, and infrastructure that will drive more value to our customers.”

Under the new organizational alignment, Travelport GDS will segment its business to focus more on the customer. The structure leverages global efficiencies, while maintaining regional autonomy for the core supplier and subscriber channels. The three regions of EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas will now sell both the Galileo and Worldspan product lines according to customer need, reflecting on the importance of having fully empowered management for each region with their teams close to their customers and markets.