Hampton to non scent rooms

Hampton Hotels has announced a brand-wide initiative to “non-scent” its
more than 145,000 hotel rooms.
In a survey the majority (86 percent) of travelers say the smell of
fresh air and linens is a better indicator to them that a hotel room is
clean - compared to 14 percent who feel that the smell of cleaning products
is more indicative.

Non-Scents, created through a joint effort with Procter & Gamble’s Febreze
Linen & Sky brand, is a freshening program designed to leave the room
smelling like nothing but clean air.  No odor of bathroom or window
cleaner; no hint of perfume; no remnant of the previous night’s takeout.

“We conducted rigorous consumer research and found that travelers just want
their hotel room to smell fresh and clean - and not like anything else,”
said Kurt Smith, senior director of product and service development for
Hampton Hotels. “Part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is ensuring we do
everything we can to ensure our guests have a pleasurable stay while
appealing to all the senses - we’ve accomplished that with our bed,
complimentary high speed internet access and wi-fi, and our On the House
Hot Breakfast. Non-Scents is our way of evoking that guarantee by
continuing to surprise and delight our guests via some of the finer


The development of Non-Scents is a bold statement for Hampton in the midst
of an industry-wide trend that has seen many hotels choosing signature
scents for their lobbies and guestrooms.  Hampton conducted extensive
consumer research and testing, as well as a national survey of Americans’
attitudes toward hotel room scents - the results of which have also been
announced.  The survey, in addition to the statistics above, found that the
majority of people (58 percent) simply prefer their hotel room to smell
like nothing at all - compared to scented air freshener (25 percent), an
exotic or tropical smell (7 percent), strong cleaning products (3 percent),
or even like a new car (2 percent).