Rate Tiger upgrades revenue suite

Hoteliers can simplify the management of their online sales strategy with the announcement that Rate Tiger is enhancing its integrated revenue management suite, RT Channel Manager.RT Channel Manager Plus will see the complete integration of its leading products, RT Shopper and RT Allocator into a single screen, making it even more convenient to view the market position and update rates and availability.

Hoteliers will be able to manage rooms and rates across online channels without the additional paper work and time consuming activities involved in assessing competitors’ rates and positioning themselves in the market.


The single RT Channel Manager Plus screen streamlines revenue management to allow hoteliers to view the market and its inventory in one glance.



The new suite, due for launch in early 2008, will offer hotels greater flexibility when allocating rooms and setting rates to Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) to gain a greater competitive edge online. It will be the only such product on the market.


“It is essential that hospitality technologies move with the times; hoteliers have more to deal with now than five years ago,” says Andrew Morsi, co-founder. “Regulation commitments, increase in online bookings and higher expectations from patrons means hoteliers need to streamline their business. We have been listening to the needs of our customers to develop technologies that are going to save them time and increase the return of investment.”


“Marketing room availability has for a long time been a guessing game for hoteliers,” says Reuel Ghosh, co-founder. “People are more confident booking their travels online through web booking engines and agencies, now the hospitality industry must update its position in the market.


“Hoteliers need to act smart to stay ahead of the game; this technology will help rates and inventory sales remain flexible and manageable.”