Environmental message not getting through

Concerns about the environment are failing to filter through to
holidaymakers as a third of people are still not prepared to spend any more
on a holiday in order to offset their carbon emissions.These are the findings from research
by travel industry marketing specialist BLM Media.  The
research polled 2500 people online.  63% were female, 56% were married, 60%
had children.  66% were aged 25-55 years old.

Six out of ten (59%) holiday makers say they will not cut down on the
number of holidays abroad to save the environment, while one in three (35%)
are not prepared to pay an extra £20 per holiday to offset their flight’s
carbon emissions.


Travel companies are not luring in customers with ‘green offers’ either as
41% said they would not book a holiday with a company just because it has
green credentials.  35% sat on the fence saying they ‘didn’t know’.  Only
24% said they would select a company based on environmental credentials -
and the majority of these people were aged under 25.



It’s not all doom and gloom as there is hope thanks to the under 20s.  The
research suggests that saving the environment rests with the young as these
are the most environmentally friendly group - 39% said they would cut down
on holidays abroad to save the environment.  Youngsters are also more
likely to select a holiday company based on their green credentials.


Importance of Travel Agents in terminal decline - 75% go to the internet

Increasingly holiday makers are going independent, booking direct and
creating their own bespoke packages.  One in three (36%) people do not book
traditional packaged holidays.


Only 12% of people now use travel agents with 61% citing high prices as the
main reason for avoiding them.      The internet continues to empower consumers
to book direct - 52% book flight and accommodation direct, rising to 73%
for flights only.  The internet is now the first place people go to for
holiday information - 75% stated this. 70% also stated the internet was
very important in planning their holiday.


Scots least concerned by environmental issues

Looking at the figures regionally, Scottish consumers are the most
unconcerned about the environment with 74% saying they would not cut down
on holidays; while consumers in the West Midlands showed the most concern -
37% said they would cut down on holidays if it would make a difference.
The national average was 26%.


Average holiday cost is now £1,171 - Some Scottish people only spend £250

The average cost of a holiday, per person and excluding holiday spending
money, is £1,171, the Scottish were the thriftiest with 10% spending less
than £250 on a long haul holiday; the most extravagant were people in the
south east of England who spend £1,494 on average.


What makes us relax?

What’s most likely to make us relax on holiday?  94% said good
accommodation, 80% say friendly local people, while 87% appreciate great


Chris Armond, business director at BLM who commissioned the research, said:

“The green message is not getting through to holiday makers who appear to
value their vacations more than the environment.  The internet is helping
travellers become more independent so much so that traditional travel
agents have to change their business model to attract holiday makers back
through their doors.”