Green survey says hotels should do more

A survey by hotel finding website Luxique has found that hotel
visitors don’t think companies are doing enough to reduce their carbon
footprint but over 90% don’t care about green issues when on holiday.

Nearly 70% of people who have visited hotels around the world do not
believe that the place at which they stayed did enough to help prevent
damage to the environment.

Despite a huge amount of visitors saying that they think hotels should do
more to improve their green credentials the survey of 1173 hotel visitors,
commissioned by Luxique, found that over 91% of people asked do not
actively choose a hotel because of its positive environmental attitude.


The most popular areas hotel customers identified to protect the
environment were; making better use of solar power (41%), less food wastage
(32%), stop giving away free shampoo and shower gel (14%) and turning the
heating/air conditioning down (7%).



Respondents identified Hilton as the hotel chain that they perceived to
have the most environmentally friendly image but a huge 84% said that they
would not be willing to pay a fee to join an exclusive environmentally
friendly club that listed the best hotels based on their green credentials.


Alex Brey is the Managing Director of and commenting about the
finding he said,


“We commissioned the survey in order to get a better understanding of the
potential for a environmentally friendly hotel finder but the results
clearly show that despite paying lip service to green issues all thoughts
of this nature fly out the window when it comes to going on holiday”.


He continued, “We were really surprised to see that nearly everyone we
asked did not really care about a hotel’s positive environmental
credentials and this was not a key factor for deciding where they go on