Kayak network rolled out across Europe

Kayak.com is launching Kayak Network, the travel industry’s premier paid search solution.  The service has already attracted high profile European brands such as British Airways, KLM, lastminute.com and ebookers.com.

Kayak Network is a patent-pending advertising platform optimised for the travel industry.  Unlike traditional paid search, which relies on keyword combinations, Kayak Network enables advertisers to target their marketing based on specific search criteria including destination city, origination city, trip dates, length of stay, specific airline/hotel/car brands and car type. Additionally, when a Kayak user clicks on a Kayak Network ad, their search information (destination, travel dates, etc.) is passed to the advertiser’s website, allowing the advertiser to display relevant search results instead of a generic landing page.  This enables marketers to more effectively target when their placements are displayed, the messages in the placements and the landing pages Kayak takes the user to, which results in stronger click through rates and higher ROI.

“The goal of emarketing is to convert lookers to bookers and our advertisers report that Kayak Network sponsored links convert two-to-three times higher than generic search,” said Annie Wilson, Kayak Business Development Director, Europe. “The conversion rate is higher than other sites because Kayak Network provides advertisers with contextual search parameters and sends the user’s search details such as dates of travel, destination and preferences to the advertiser. They can then use the information to create more relevant search results, thus increasing the likelihood of consumer purchase.”

A self-service extranet, the Kayak Network is an online marketplace where prices are driven by demand and the performance of ads. Kayak charges advertisers the cost of the next highest campaign, plus $.01, which means most advertisers will be charged less than their top spending levels. Advertisers also get better position, and pay less, if their ads perform well.  Travel marketers can set a maximum cost per click and/or maximum amount per campaign.  Kayak Network will turn off campaigns when the maximum amount is reached. Network users can manage their campaigns easily with robust reporting tools tracking impressions, clicks, click-through rates, average CPC, cost, and average position within search results.