GOL selects Sabre AirMax

Brazil’s low-cost,
low-fare airline, GOL Transportes Aereos, has implemented an advanced
version of its Sabre AirMax Revenue Manager software.

  This is the first revenue management system to use forecasting
methodology that incorporates customer behavior through PNR data.

  While this new, leading-edge Sabre AirMax Revenue Manager provides
unique benefits for low-cost carriers, it provides airlines of any
size similar advantages in revenue management. Revenue Manager
software provide seamless integration between the Sabre AirMax
Low-Fares Manager and AirMax Revenue Manager, creating the industry’s
best framework for revenue management decision support in today’s
hybrid fare environment. This service will be delivered through Sabre
eMergo Web Access.

  “GOL is the first company to adopt this unique AirMax Revenue
Manager including, Low-Fares Manager modules,” says Wilson Maciel
Ramos, GOL’s vice president of Planning and Information Technology.
“By using software specifically designed for low-cost airlines that
also operates in origin-and-destination mode, we will be better
prepared to forecast demand for seats at each fare class based on
historic demand and individual O&D passenger profiles.”

  AirMax Revenue Manager, a robust and flexible new generation
solution, enables effective revenue management by predicting demand
for seats at either the flight leg and segment level or the O&D level.
It incorporates a comprehensive range of decision-support processes
including data collection, forecasting, overbooking, optimization,
alerting, performance measurement and reporting. The forecasting,
optimization and user interaction processes fully support
restriction-free pricing considerations, key to most low-cost carrier
models, as well as the airlines that compete with this segment.


  “We look forward to moving to the Sabre AirMax Revenue Manager
solution, which will provide GOL with additional tools to add to our
top-line revenue,” added Ramos. “By allowing us to view all of the
network or O&D interactions across GOL’s route map, we’ll have the
ability to maximize our revenues despite changing fare structures.”

  “Using tools like Sabre AirMax Revenue Manager help airlines
realize every possible revenue unit as that metric continues to become
more and more critical given the increasing levels of competition and
conditions affecting airlines,” said Steve Clampett, president of
Airline Products and Solutions for Sabre Airline Solutions. “Sabre
Airline Solutions has a proven record of delivering incremental
revenue benefits and we look forward to helping GOL derive significant
business value from our solutions.”