Czech switches surcharge to euros

Czech Airlines is to start charging the fuel surcharge in euros, as do other traditional airlines, rather than in US dollars, as has been the practice to date.Hence, as of 1 November, passengers will pay 22 euros with each ticket on European routes, and 60 euros on long-haul flights, where fuel accounts for the vast majority of the costs.  On medium-haul flights, the surcharge will thus increase by five euros, and on long-haul flights by three euros.  Czech Airlines’ surcharge will thus reach the average level among traditional airlines.

The reason for switching to the euro is the greater stability of the European currency, compared to the continuously dropping dollar.  The present surcharge increase is due to the record-high prices of oil on world markets, which crossed the USD 90 per barrel threshold at the end of last week.

The cost of fuel accounts for approximately one-quarter of the airline’s aggregate costs.  The fuel surcharge, which Czech Airlines is increasing as of today, covers approximately 40 percent of those costs.

Czech Airlines last changed its fuel surcharge in mid-June this year, when it returned to the original USD 25 on medium-haul flights and USD 71 on long-haul flights, following a temporary decrease.