JAL unveils Shizuoka plans

JAL has announced that it plans to operate flights to *censored*uoka and Sapporo from Mt Fuji Shizuoka Airport when the new airport opens for business.  The new Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is scheduled to open for business in the spring of 2009. Shizuoka Prefecture with its population of some 3.8 million is famous for both its scenic beauty which includes Mt. Fuji, and well-known for its agricultural and marine products including green tea and fruit. The airport is located conveniently between the two main cities of the prefecture: Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu.  JAL plans to offer a daily service to *censored*uoka in Kyushu, and a thrice daily service to Sapporo in Hokkaido from the new airport. The airline is currently assessing the potential passenger demand on these new routes using Mt Fuji Shizuoka Airport to determine the type of aircraft to operate, and the possibility of launching additional flights or routes.  Ever since planning began for the construction of the airport, JAL has been providing its professional advice. On May 25 2005, JAL signed a memorandum of understanding with Shizuoka Prefecture agreeing to support the prefecture with the development of the new airport. Today’s announcement is a renewal of JAL’s commitment to the airport project. JAL will work together with Shizuoka government and local business to promote the use of the new airport.