Yapta rolls out airfare comparison tool

Yapta is launching a new web tool to help travelers easily compare their flight options and airfares.  Yapta’s comparison shopping tool works in synchronization with the company’s flagship “trip-tagging” solution, capturing all of the tagged (or “bookmarked”) flights and displaying them in a sidebar window for immediate comparison shopping.

Recent studies of online travel shopping behavior show that consumers make, on average, nine trips to travel websites - checking flight options and pricing - before making a flight purchase.  By adding a comparison shopping tool to its trip-tagging solution, Yapta is not only helping travelers get the best price on airfare, but is also simplifying the online shopping experience by capturing all selected flights in a single, online list and displaying flight options side-by-side in real-time.

“The days of using a pen and paper to jot down flight itineraries and airfares, and constantly re-checking the price of those flights, are gone,” said Tom Romary, CEO of Yapta.  “Regardless of where or when people decide to shop for flights on the web, Yapta is the convenient online note pad they use to record their personal travel search results.  When coupled with automated price checking and alerts, it’s an invaluable tool for those who want to shop intelligently without the drudgery of continually checking prices themselves.”

The flight information displayed in the comparison shopping tool includes trip dates, departure and destination airports, the airline carrier and current airfare pricing.  It also reflects any airfare price history, indicating whether the price his risen or fallen since being initially tagged online.  The sidebar opens automatically when shopping at any travel website supported by Yapta and prompts users to launch the Yapta Tagger interface.

Existing Yapta users can start using the comparison shopping tool immediately by updating to the latest version of the Yapta Tagger at http://www.yapta.com/download/.