Biz performance hampered by anxiety

Fear of flying is normally associated with in-experienced travellers, but around 40% of regular, business travellers are similarly affected and British companies are not doing enough to help their employees.

The claim comes from, a self help website providing free videos; audio files, blogs and other useful information to keep people overcome this problem. Ironically - or perhaps usefully - is run by a pilot - Captain Keith Godfrey.

Captain Godfrey explains: “anxiety when travelling means business people are not performing at their best, although this is just the tip of the iceberg. Fear of flying can have a damaging effect on the traveller’s family too, either before a trip, or by transferring the far to children. Then there is the effect on the traveller’s self esteem and sense of guilt.” helps first time and nervous travellers by enabling them to sample the sounds of take off, to watch footage of planes in flight, and to download information podcasts. So visitors to the site can take things at their own pace. “What we do is to dispel the myths about flying and to provide a friendly and supportive environment” says Captain Godfrey.

“The new Corporate Manslaughter Act means that companies are responsible for their employees’ well-being. Flying remains one of the safest means of transport, but duty of care should mean helping travellers to fight what is, for many, a fact of life but one which can be overcome” he concluded.