Sabre, Porter Airlines ink deal

Sabre Travel Network and Porter Airlines are launching merchandising capabilities allowing the airline to more broadly and powerfully promote their fare brands to
Sabre-Connected travel agents.

  Sabre Branded Fares provides Porter the ability to promote the
specific attributes and value of their various fare groups to travel
agencies and travelers. This new way to display fares is completely
integrated into the desktop workflow of Sabre-Connected travel agents,
allowing the Toronto-based carrier to simplify its fare structure for
travelers and travel agents selling their products.

  Robert Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines, said meeting
the efficiency needs of travel agents is important to the airline and
Sabre delivers that capability.

  “We have continued to experience excellent growth in Canada and
it’s important for our ongoing success to use leading technology
solutions like Sabre Branded Fares,” said Deluce. “Sabre is the first
to bring this efficient technology to the Canadian marketplace, which
benefits travelers, travel agents and our airline as we build our
brand in the competitive landscape.”

  Porter also recently signed a full-content agreement with Sabre
Travel Network. Additionally, Porter will continue to work closely
with Sabre Travel Network as they launch more unique merchandising
innovations that deliver incremental value and revenue to airlines.


  “The ability to brand fares to travel agencies and travelers,
along with other merchandising capabilities, continues to emerge as an
integral part of strategic plans for airlines as a point of
differentiation,” said Hugh Jones, chief operating officer of Sabre
Travel Network. “Through Sabre Branded Fares, airlines can clearly
communicate attributes and value that set them apart from competitors
both locally and globally.”