TCS unwraps new Boeing interior

Private jet tour operator TCS Expeditions has introduced its newly reconfigured Boeing 757 jet at an unveiling party at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. The new layout is designed to offer guests premium comfort while traveling between some of the world’s most intriguing destinations.

The jet now features seating for just 75 guests, which compares to a normal 757 configuration of 233 seats in the main cabin. Obviously, legroom—and elbow room—abounds with TCS’ new layout. 

But legs aren’t the only body part to benefit. Backs and necks will be supported by patented ergonomic foam seating that is designed to gently cradle passengers.

Guests will also enjoy a full complement of plug-ins and hook-ups for laptops, cell phones, digital cameras and other technology de rigueur for the modern globe trekker.

“At TCS, we don’t scrimp on luxury, and this jet is certainly no exception to that policy,” said TCS President Jerre Fuqua. “When you’re literally circling the globe, comfort is paramount.”


In fact, most of the complaints common to the commercial air-travel experience are nonexistent with TCS Expeditions. Not limited by regular commercial routes or schedules, the jet flies direct, bypassing busy airports and avoiding layovers. Each leg of an expedition is usually flown during the day, so travelers arrive at a destination rested and ready to explore. TCS Expeditions also enjoys special privileges, including expedited boarding, luggage handling and customs and immigration formalities. Guests are often whisked hassle-free through international arrivals, avoiding long lines while TCS Expeditions’ staff handles the details.

Following a media reception to fete the new jet, guests on the 24-day Around the World Fall 2007 expedition will leave Seattle bound for Kyoto, Japan. The journey includes stops in Japan, Vietnam, India, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Togo, Benin, Brazil and the Galapagos Islands. TCS Expeditions’ trips begin at $38,950 based on double occupancy.