Exclusive boosts member offerings

Six months after the introduction of four Once in a Lifetime vacation experiences, Exclusive Resorts has
dramatically expanded the program in response to its members’ desire for
continued diversity of experiences with the club.With the expanded program, there are now a total of 16 planned Once in a Lifetime
experiences, which gives Exclusive Resorts members the opportunity to
travel to 25 countries on six continents.

  The new experiences supplement a $1 billion real estate portfolio with
luxury residences in North and Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.
With such immense possibilities, Exclusive Resorts vacations now can range
from an indulgent spa experience in Hawaii to summertime skiing in the
mountains of Patagonia to an Antarctic expedition at sea.

  “Consistent with general luxury travel trends, our members are
continually seeking a combination of style and luxury, comfort,
ease-of-travel and adventure,” said Jeff Potter, chief executive officer.

“We have assembled a collection of 16 vacation experiences that provide an
unprecedented level of personalized service and customized programming from
the world’s leading travel providers. We are proud to say that our members
want every vacation they take to be an Exclusive Resorts vacation.”