Heathrow Express upgrades videowall ads

Heathrow Express is upgrading its innovative videowall advertising format by installing Europe’s first ever LED lighting system.

Working with Canadian company SideTrack Technologies Inc. the rail/air operator has today confirmed that installation work has begun on its 6km tunnel following the success of its current motion picture video wall advertising.

The new format will offer advertisers far more flexibility over the frequency of creative change, making it possible for up to four different adverts an hour being seen by different target audiences.

In-tunnel advertising has the ability to both entertain and interact with its audience, creating excellent recall rates and tremendous value for advertisers when compared with other out-of-home media.

Graeme Hay, Commercial Manager at Heathrow Express said, ‘Motion picture video wall advertising opened up an entirely new way to advertise to Heathrow Express customers.’


He said both the original system - serving passengers travelling from London Paddington to Heathrow - and the new format - serving those travelling in the opposite direction - would deliver 15 second long-adverts.

‘It’s extraordinary what can be achieved with today’s technology and we’re excited to be the first company in Europe to advance the technology by installing an LED system.  The installation will upgrade the quality of service we can provide to those who choose to advertise with us, enabling them to effectively target multiple audiences from the same site.’

A total of 360 LED bars are being installed in a 450m stretch of the tunnel - the same distance currently occupied by the original poster-system.  The new LED system is being installed during October and early November and is set to complement the current motion picture video wall system launched on the Heathrow Express service earlier this year.

Rob Walker, President of SideTrack said, ‘This form of advertising has really taken off in America and now in Europe with our first installation at Heathrow Express earlier this year.  ‘With motion picture video advertising the series of graphic panels mounted on the tunnel walls are illuminated by lights synchronized by the train’s speed.  The LED system enables both Heathrow Express and SideTrack to be more efficient as it negates the need to physically enter the tunnel to change the advert creative - it is all done remotely via a computer.’