A380 takes first commercial flight

The Singapore Airlines A380 enters commercial service with its first
flight - SQ380 - from Singapore to Sydney, Australia.
The brand new A380 super-jumbo departed Singapore Changi Airport at 0800hrs
and is expected to arrive at Sydney Airport at 1725hrs to a grand welcome
ceremony, after a flight of almost seven and a half hours.

The majority of the seats on the two legs of this flight were sold on eBay, the
global online marketplace, with all proceeds donated to charities.

On board today’s flight are many of the successful bidders, as well as
representatives of the world media.  Some interesting facts:

á  The youngest customer is a 10 month-old boy from Singapore
á  The oldest is a 91 year-old man, also from Singapore, travelling with his
family. His son bought the Singapore Airlines Suites ticket for him in the
charity auction;
á  Mr Julian Hayward bought the first Suite on the flight, paying US$100,380
for him and a friend to travel from Singapore to Sydney;
á  Among passengers is Mr Thomas Lee, from California, who was a passenger on
the world’s first Boeing 747 commercial flight between New York and London in
á  Also travelling is Ms Isabelle Chu, a travel agent from Perth, who is
flying in both directions on the A380.  Ms Chu flew in both directions on the
first Singapore Airlines A340-500 flights between Singapore and Los Angeles, and
Singapore and New York, non-stop in 2004, with just time for shower between
flights.  This time, she will enjoy an overnight stopover in Sydney.
á  The passengers represent 35 different nationalities, with the largest group
being Australians (28%), then Singaporeans (14%), then Britons (11%) and
Americans (8%).  Those who have come furthest for the first flight are 4
á  The most common first name of passengers is David, with 11.
á  The ratio of male to female passengers on board is 7:3.

Customers across all classes will enjoy a specially-created Champagne Brunch on
today’s flight, featuring culinary creations from two of Singapore Airlines’
International Culinary Panel of Chefs - Sam Leong, from Singapore’s Tung Lok
Group, and Matthew Moran, from Sydney’s Aria Restaurant.  The two chefs will fly
on board the aircraft and supervise the preparation and service of meals in all


Singapore Airlines Suites customers will enjoy some of the world’s finest wines,
starting with Dom Pérignon Rosé 1996, then some of the finest red wines of the
last century: Ch‰teau Cos D’Estournel 1982, Ch‰teau Pichon-Longueville Comtesse
De Lalande 1982, and Australia’s Penfolds Grange Hermitage Shiraz 1990.

Tomorrow, SQ380 will fly the return leg of this trip, from Sydney back to
Singapore, departing at 1600hrs and arriving at 2215hrs.

The auction raised around S$1.9 million, all of which will be split three ways,
between Singapore and Sydney charities, and a global humanitarian organization:

One third to Singapore’s Community Chest
One third between the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, and The Children’s
Hospital at Westmead, both in Sydney
One third to Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

Cheques will be presented to the beneficiary organizations during events in
Singapore and Sydney.

Singapore Airlines took delivery of the world’s first A380 on 15 October 2007,
at the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse.

The Airline’s three-class A380 features a brand new cabin class - the Singapore
Airlines Suites, a class beyond first.  Together with Business and Economy Class
seats, the Singapore Airlines A380 has a seating capacity of 471.

The A380 will commence scheduled service between Singapore and Sydney on one of
the three daily flights in each direction on Sunday, 28 October 2007.

The delivery of subsequent aircraft will allow for the introduction of the A380,
also on one of the three daily flights between Singapore and London’s Heathrow
Airport from the first quarter of 2008.