Ticketvala rolls out online booking

www.ticketvala.com, India’s real time, comprehensive online bus ticket booking service is launching its online booking service for consumers.The service offers travelers a comprehensive solution of ease with booking bus tickets anytime and anywhere at the click of a button at no extra cost. Ticketvala.com eliminates the tedious process of standing in long queues to book tickets or finding a travel agent and provides the convenience of door step delivery of tickets booked on the website through a simple six step procedure. Headed by Mr. Haranath Lokanadham, a 20-year management veteran in IT, shipping and travel, Ticketvala.com has received funding by Footprint Ventures, a leading Bangalore based venture capital firm.

Ticketvala.com covers a large network of destinations across India and will provide the much needed structure and organization in the largely unorganized bus travel segment. Ticketvala.com has crafted a comprehensive online platform, thereby bringing value to both customers and suppliers in the chain. Leveraging the power of the Internet, Ticketvala.com provides real time quotations, real time bus booking services for round trips, and multiple payment as well as door step delivery of tickets.

In their Annual Report 2006-07, The Department of Road Transport & Highways have stated that road networks carry nearly 85% of passenger traffic. According to PhoCusWright, a travel industry research firm, Travel portals in India did business of $800 million of the total $15.5 billion travel market in the country in 2006 and are expected to increase to $2 billion by 2008. Passenger travel demand has been increasing in India everyday and more and more passengers are in search of easy accessible transit information online. Ticketvala.com has leveraged its deep understanding of the travel industry and technology to create the best end-to-end experience for all of our customers’ travel needs by providing travelers with the required information at their fingertips in a matter of seconds.  Easy Cost comparison, bus routes, departure and arrival timings, convenience in booking till the very last minute and an in-house call centre are a few of the conveniences that Ticketvala.com offers its customers. Ticketvala.com, with its organized business structure, caters to masses across the country and beyond. People overseas can sit back and initiate their travel plans in India by simply logging on to www.ticketvala.com.

“Road transport remains a common means of transport to a large population of Indians. The bus ticketing system is a largely unorganized sector and we saw a clear gap which we could address for our consumers. Also, in order to reach the non-English speaking and non-internet travellers, Ticketvala.com has launched its call centre services in both English and other local languages. By leveraging the power of the internet, we have been able to create a robust and innovative solution for both consumers and operators through a safe, customer-friendly and technologically advanced platform. Ticketvala.com is one of the first real time online bus service with cutting edge features that also provides a dedicated backend support that is safe, user friendly, convenient and secure,” said Mr. Haranath Lokanadham, chief executive officer, Travis Internet Pvt. Ltd. (ticketvala.com)

Mr. Neill Brownstein, co-founder of Footprint Ventures said that, “With the growth of the travel industry and the combination of the internet, the online travel industry is helping to create vast opportunities in India. We believe that there is a huge scope for the online bus ticketing service and Ticketvala.com offers travelers two main essentials - a convenient, safe and easy to use service and associated with a wide array of options which will positively impact consumer experience.”


Ticketvala.com is deeply committed and dedicated to its vision in providing a distinctive travel platform to build an equal platform and bring value to all the members in the ecosystem. They are one of the teams amongst early stage bus reservation system in India that has a fine blend of entrepreneurial and operational experience and excellence in the travel industry.