Ingrian completes AIRMILES deployment

Ingrian Networks has carried out a successful deployment of next-generation encryption and key management solutions for AIRMILES.The robust data security now in place will protect the financial and personal information of AIRMILES’ 8 million members stored in its database. It will also provide ironclad data security for its 2,000,000 annual transactions, ensuring that PCI compliance will be maintained.

“We were keen to progress towards PCI compliance and demonstrate our commitment to maintaining customer loyalty,” said Gavin Woolnough, Infrastructure Manager at AIRMILES. “Retaining the trust of millions of customers is something that we don’t take lightly, so it was vital that we found an encryption solution that was as manageable as it was secure. Compliance requires investment and we wanted to ensure that our data security was as efficient as possible in terms of cost and performance.”

AIRMILES wanted an encryption solution to provide the cryptographic throughput required to protect the data stored in its existing Oracle database, as well as new data captured through its payment processing software. AIRMILES evaluated the performance of several vendor solutions to replace the native encryption provided by its ecommerce platform. Following this competitive tender, Ingrian was selected due to its superior technical capabilities, ease of implementation and lower TCO.

Ingrian implemented its DataSecure platform at AIRMILES’ two UK offices, ensuring full failover for disaster recovery purposes, and enabling over 20,000 cryptographic operations per second. The keys that decrypt the data are also encrypted and centrally managed to provide greater control over access privileges, ensuring that compromised data remains useless in the wrong hands.

Woolnough continues, “The data protection provided by Ingrian is not only impressive in terms of performance, but the usability of the DataSecure appliances alleviates the burden of key management and access monitoring as it is all automated. Being able to set user access rights helps to ensure that certain data can remain strictly ‘for your eyes only’, and having this backed up by concise audit logs adds significant peace of mind.”


Michael Howard, CEO at Ingrian adds, “There is no doubt that potential fines and the suspension of card processing rights is driving PCI DSS, but equally important to organisations taking a more proactive approach to compliance is the preservation of company reputation. AIRMILES has always been a forward-looking organisation, realising the benefits of strong relationships and this investment is testament to its commitment to galvanising its customers’ trust.”