Saudi Arabian Airlines in loyalty drive

Hitit Computer Services has signed a frequent flyer contract with Saudi Arabian Airlines to revamp its current loyalty program named Alfursan. This is a part of a series of upgrading of the current systems at Saudi. With continues investment and commitment to technology, customer service, human resources and innovation, Saudi Arabian Airlines prepares to soar to greater heights and reinforce its marketing position as a modern and innovative organization while boosting its image as Saudi Arabia’s most visible envoy.
This is Hitit’s first sale to Saudi, which has a total of 91 aircraft. The Saudi Arabian Airlines with the assistance of Booz Allen Hamilton, leading global consulting firm, reviewed a number of systems before deciding on CRANE Frequent Flyer System.
“We are delighted to work with Saudi Arabian Airlines. Welcome to Hitit family” stated Nur Gokman, Partner and General Manager of HITIT Computer Services. “We believe this will be the beginning of a long term relationship with many more sales to come and we thank Saudi Airlines for giving us the opportunity.”

Hazem m. Sunbul, Mgr. Sales Automation Development at Saudi Arabian Airlines quoted, “We have chosen Crane Frequent Flyer system after an extensive and careful market review on available FFP products; we have found CRANE as an advanced airline loyalty management software.  This new selection comes as Saudi Arabian Airlines is planning an extensive overhaul to Alfursan, our Frequent Flyer Program. The transformation will cover a comprehensive visual re-branding, restructuring of the current program, in addition to revamping the program IT infrastructure; this comes in an effort to significantly improve services to our loyal customer. “