Domina renovates brand identity

Domina Hotel Group, in partnership with Leo Burnett, has renovated its brand identity and architecture for the group itself and for its 3 sub brands, including vision, mission, visual identity, graphic manuals and the pay-off: more than welcome, benvenuti.The three sub-brands, Domina Prestige, Domina Hotel and Domina Inn, are all characterized by the same graphical element that takes the evocative Italian symbols of the rising sun over the Mediterranean waves, creating an image of Italian art, design and hospitality that is appreciated across the globe.

Domina Prestige is the group’s upscale product, with an exasperation towards detail and service and with hotels in primary and world renown locations. Domina Prestige hotels will see co-branding with Italian top quality brands happen. The future destinations in which this brand will develop are Bahrain, Egypt and Russia with hotels that will never exceed 200 rooms so as to maintain a high level of quality and service.

Domina Hotels offer superior hospitality. The current destinations in which this brand has developed are Egypt, Germany, Italy and Poland. Hotels belonging to this brand will range between 100 to 250 rooms.

Domina Inn offers comfortable hospitality, optimised value for money in convenient locations. The current destinations in which the brand has developed are Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Italy and Tunisia. Domina Inn hotels will have 120 rooms and above.