InterConti launches travel blog

Unlike other sites that empower consumers to praise or haze hotel stays,
services and amenities, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is bucking the
trend by launching /Travelogue/ blog.The luxury brand’s blog is more of a
travel resource than anything else, inviting consumers to delve into the
city they are researching and go outside the hotel to explore the
culture, sights, sounds and flavour of the destination.

Visitors to/ Travelogue/ will find activity, attraction and event
recommendations as well as tools for sharing content from the blog with
their friends via email or subscription to the blog’s RSS feed. The blog
is rich with “in the know” information, videos and photos such as
Concierge-guided city tours highlighting facts about local culture,
unique restaurants, shopping and much more from the brand’s seasoned
colleagues and from partners like National Geographic and Aston Martin

“Travelogue is a manifestation of what the InterContinental brand
represents,” says Jennifer Ploszaj, Global Director, Brand
Communications. “In the spirit of celebrating travel, we want to
actively and freely share our local knowledge online with people who
love travel. We have colleagues in 150 locations around the world who
are local experts, and we hope consumers will use the content on this
blog to make their travels more enriching and authentic.”