BMED backs Lonely Planet winners

Damascus in Syria and Armenia have been named among The Lonely
Planet’s best holiday destinations in the world and BMED flies to Damascus and Yerevan in Armenia four times a week from
London Heathrow.Famous for its historical and archaeological sites, Damascus is a melting pot of
different cultures and religions. At the centre of the city lies Souq al-Hamidiyya,
a great shopping district in which stands the great Umayyad Mosque. The building
with four minarets is an architectural wonder. Initially built as a Greek temple, it
was then Roman temple, became a Christian church and then finally a mosque.

Acknowledging the prestigious honour for two of BMED’s destinations, Jonathan
Grisdale, Commercial Director said: “We are pleased that two of our destinations are
receiving international recognition in such an influential guide.  We hope that
Damascus and Armenia will continue to have success in the tourist market and attract
more visitors to see their wonderful sights.”