Pacific Blue boosts NZ frequency

Pacific Blue has ramped up flights to both New Zealand and the Pacific Islands following strong demand for extra services around the busy Christmas and New Year period.The airline currently operates 110 weekly flights serving Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island countries. After some schedule changes, Pacific Blue will operate an additional 124 flights spread over the four and half week festive season, from 21 December 2007 to 20 January 2008, as follows:

Sydney to Samoa 17 additional flights
Sydney to Fiji 8 additional flights
Sydney to Christchurch 9 additional flights
Brisbane to Auckland 11 additional flights
Brisbane to Christchurch 10 additional flights
Brisbane to Vanuatu 8 additional flights
Brisbane to Wellington 8 additional flights
Auckland to Samoa 27 additional flights
Auckland to Cook Islands 8 additional flights
Auckland to Gold Coast 18 additional flights

The extra flights, which cater for the holiday and visiting friends and family markets, are already on sale.

Virgin Blue’s Chief Commercial Officer, Stefan Pichler, said, “It’s no wild secret that the Christmas/New Year period is one of the highest demand periods throughout the year. We did some advance planning specifically to cater for the tens of thousands of guests wanting to either spend Christmas with family and friends or escape somewhere exotic for the holiday season.”