WORLDHOTELS members in upbeat mood

members have taken part in a survey where they were asked to anticipate new
trends in key areas These were in areas such as business growth, environment, customer
expectation, customer booking behaviour, internet booking and customer
relationship management (CRM). The results reveal an upbeat mood amongst
the hoteliers who expect revenue to continue to increase in the next few

A total of 84% WORLDHOTELS members’ owners and managers believe that the
current positive trading conditions will continue for at least the next
three years. In addition, 88% believed their REVPAR will be higher in
2008, due to factors such as improved yield management, advanced revenue
strategies or increased demand.


Environmental concerns are currently dominating the media and the survey
revealed that Hoteliers see ecotourism as another way of increasing
business. When asked, 92% believed that addressing environmental factors
would improve business while, 77% felt that this would raise
profitability. Working with suppliers to establish a ‘green’ supply
chain was picked out as the issue they believe customers felt the most
strongly about.



Looking to meet customers’ expectations is a key factor in running a
hotel so the survey asked hoteliers what they felt were the most
important considerations for business customers. Offering the Best
Available Rate topped the list for 82% of those questioned. Other
important concerns included free wireless internet access which 78% felt
this was important and the quality of the hotel website, 74% felt this
was important.


The importance of the internet in helping hotels to grow was again
highlighted when looking at customer booking behaviour. A total of 86%
of those surveyed believed that in the next three years consumers will
use hotel websites in preference to online travel agents and therefore
cutting out a third party. While 57% believed the increased significance
of internet and online distribution channels will see control over rates
inventory shift to the Hotel Industry during the next three years.
Compared to 27% who felt it would shift towards distribution channels
and 16% who thought there would be no change.


Before or after the stay of any guest CRM, is often seen as a crucial
way of guaranteeing customers book repeat stays. This was confirmed in
the survey with 86% of those asked agreeing that CRM will be important
to the hotel industry in the next three years.