Gate Gourmet manages retail for easyJet

easyJet has signed a multiple-year contract with Gate Gourmet Group, the global airline catering, hospitality and logistics provider, to manage onboard retail across the carrier’s network. Under the agreement, Gate Gourmet Group will manage the supply of all food and beverages for onboard purchase, duty free products, crew meals and other provisioning on easyJet’s 17-base network flying to 88 destinations. Both parties also have the intention to expand the relationship going forward.

“This is an exciting breakthrough for the Gate Gourmet Group,” said Herman Anbeek, Chief Commercial Officer. “easyJet is one of the world’s most successful low-fare airlines and we are proud it has recognized the group’s expanded capabilities.”

“New partners at Gate Gourmet will play an integral role in the service to easyJet in recognition of the value our new business model brings to the market,” Anbeek said. Pourshins, a world leader in fourth party logistics, for instance, will handle the supply chain and deSter, the premier provider of airline food contact items, also will participate.

Saad Hammad, easyJet Chief Commercial Officer, said “Giving our passengers the right on-board product at the right price is a critical part of our business and we look forward to working with Gate Gourmet to achieve this.”