France tops destination charts

France has confirmed its first place position among favourite destination countries in an assessment by Mondial Assistance. France was followed by Spain, the USA (strong growth representing more than +11% for a number
of files, Italy, Germany (+37%), Greece, Croatia (+43%), Turkey, Austria (+41%) and
Switzerland, which made a big comeback and has rejoined the top 10!

However, the
opposite was true for Portugal and Bulgaria, neither of which figured among the Top
10 summer destinations in 2007.

Although in 2006, the Top 10 destinations represented nearly two thirds of all
destinations, today they represent no more than 58%. This year, Mondial Assistance
intervened in such exotic or unusual countries as Antarctica (1 intervention), Iraq,
Saint Kitts and Nevis Islands (the West Indies), Moldavia (4 interventions) and
Afghanistan (2 interventions).

Among the destinations that involved the greatest number of interventions and
witnessed the strongest growth, were:

-    Australia + 390%


-    The West Indies - Martinique +388 and Guadeloupe +294%

-    Hawaii +230%

-    Southeast Asia - Vietnam +182%, Indonesia +89%, the Philippines +85%, and
Malaysia +78%

-    China continued to grow +69%

-    The countries around the Mediterranean benefited from the gloomy weather

-      Israel +130%

-      Egypt +66%

-      Slovenia +64%

-      Lebanon +47%

-      Croatia +43%

-      Greece +29%

On the other hand, there was reduced travel to the Indian Ocean islands (the
Seychelles -13%), Reunion Island (-13%).