easyJet cabin crew gets new uniform

easyJet unveiled its new, more formal self-designed uniform. Over the last 12 years cabin crew and ground staff at easyJet, have always had a very casual look which was purposely designed to inject more fun in to flying and make staff more approachable. The first uniform in 1995 was a simple combination of black jeans and orange polo shirt, with ‘I’m an easy crew member’ embossed across the back, this has gradually smartened over the years with black trousers and orange shirts, but the casual image remained.

As easyJet has grown to become the fourth-largest airline in Europe, carrying over 37 million passengers a year, the airline was keen to update its image to reflect how it had matured as a business, whilst maintaining the fun and approachable attitude.

In true easyJet style, instead of following other airlines and hiring extortionately priced top fashion designers to come up with the latest trends, the airline became the first to give those who have to wear the uniform, its cabin crew, the opportunity to be creative and design something that was suitable to their specific needs.


easyJet’s cabin crew were invited to take part in a competition to design the new uniform that would enable them to feel comfortable and confident at work. Following hundreds of entrees, three made it to a short list and cabin crew then voted for their favourite.



The winning design, ‘Formal and Fabulous’, was the combined effort of three cabin crew - AnnMarie Cuffe based at Liverpool; Joanne Todd and Kurt Wilson both based at Gatwick. With a much smarter, more formal look, the design is made up of a number of different pieces such as orange or white shirts, jackets or waistcoats so crew can create their own combination to express their own style and personality.


Andy Harrison, easyJet’s Chief Executive ,  commented :

“I’m really proud of our cabin crew for managing the entire process of designing, selecting and producing a new uniform - at no extra cost to the previous design. It really is a great achievement. If our crew feel confident and professional in their uniform it will help them to deliver the best service to our customers - after all, they see more of our customers than anybody else and best embody easyJet’s “low-cost with care and convenience” ethos.