Travelocity encourages volunteer travel

To introduce more people to the gratification of volunteer travel, Travelocity is kicking off new “bite-size” volunteer adventures, as part of its Travel for Good program. The first “bite-size” volunteer experience, developed with Earthwatch, entails one-day of monitoring the Mammals of Monterey Bay and logging the behavior of sea otters, dolphins and hump-back whales to ensure the populations are stable.

Volunteer vacations are steadily increasing in popularity - Travelocity’s 2007 forecast poll found that 11 percent of respondents plan to volunteer during their vacations in 2007 - up from 6 percent in 2006. Bite-size volunteer adventures make it easy for volunteers to participate in opportunities close to home or spend a portion of their vacation enhancing the local community they’re visiting.

“Not everyone can take the time to go on an extended volunteer vacation outside of the country,” said Jeffrey Glueck, chief marketing officer for Travelocity. “We’ve been working with our Travel for Good partners to create volunteer opportunities for travelers on a smaller scale because lives can still be transformed with a few hours of giving.”

On, travelers can book the trip through the activities tab under the outdoor category in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose or Monterey. The bite-size adventure is also offered as an “add-on” activity when consumers book a trip to the Bay Area. For more information about the adventure, go to: