Ryanair taunts Aer Lingus surcharges

Ryanair has renewed its call for Aer Lingus to remove its fuel
surcharges following newspaper reports that they intend to raise them. Speaking today, Ryanair’s Head of Communications, Peter Sherrard said:

      “Ryanair is the only airline in Europe to guarantee no fuel
surcharges - not today, not tomorrow, not ever. According to weekend
newspaper reports, Aer Lingus is intent on further increasing its unfair
fuel surcharges despite Ryanair’s calls for their removal. If the
Government really cared about ‘consumer interests’, why is it not
calling for the removal of Aer Lingus’ fuel surcharges too?

      “Passengers who want to avoid paying Aer Lingus’ rip off fuel
surcharges, can book today on www.ryanair.com , where Ryanair is
offering millions of seats for just €6 including taxes with no fuel
surcharges guaranteed for travel in October and November. While Aer
Lingus is subjecting Irish consumers to higher fares and rip off fuel
surcharges, Ryanair is the only airline to offer the guaranteed lowest
fares and a no fuel surcharges ever guarantee”.