IATA slams Dutch air taxes

The International Air Transport Association has condemned the
Dutch Government’s plans to impose further taxes on air passengers.The
government is planning to tax passengers departing the Netherlands by
air as much as €45 citing environmental reasons. 

“This passenger tax is ineffective, inappropriate and it breaches
international obligations.  It is a thinly disguised tax grab that does
nothing for the environment. If anything, it is counter productive as it
limits airlines’ ability to buy newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft,”
said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA Director General and CEO.


“Airlines are making great strides to improve their environmental
performance. Last year we saved 6 million tonnes of CO2 by shortening
350 routes globally. We have improved fuel efficiency 70% over the past
40 years and forecast a further 25% improvement by 2020. The Dutch
Government should be looking at what it can do to help airlines limit
emissions. It can start by working with other EU governments to
implement a Single European Sky that would save 12 million tonnes of CO2
each year. It should also look at tax credits as an incentive to improve
environmental performance rather than counterproductive taxes,” added



The passenger tax also breaches resolutions of the International Civil
Organisation (ICAO) and Article 15 of the Chicago Convention on
International Civil Aviation. “I am surprised that the Netherlands, as
an ICAO Contracting State, chooses to ignore its obligations and trample
over international agreements,” Bisignani commented. 


“We are seeing a worrying trend across Europe with governments cynically
taxing air passengers for environmental reasons then failing to use the
revenues for environmental purposes. These taxes are blunt instruments
that just damage tourism and impact the competitiveness of European
businesses. We urge the Dutch Government to rethink this ineffective,
inappropriate and misguided proposal,” concluded Bisignani.